March is slowly coming to an end…

And you know what that means Blind Daters…podcast time is almost upon us.

Next week I’ll be airing a chat I had with the members of Black Birds of Paradise. They may not enjoy talking about themselves, but I had a good time trying to coach some words out of them. At the beginning of the month, they celebrated the release of their debut, B.B.o.P. You can get this it via their Bandcamp page. You can also find all sorts of tidbits at their Facebook page, such as shows dates and videos.

The band and I agreed we weren’t into labels, but if we had to choose we decided upon ‘Neo-Psychedelic Lounge’. For those looking for a frame of reference, I think this combination of words is quite apt. There’s definitely a lot of playfulness and whimsy similar to a Zappa record, hints of the calm psychedelia of the 70’s, as well as fluid slower tempos akin to lounge music (in a good way!), and even a little head nod to Spaghetti Westerns in their track ‘Western Song’.

The band seems to have made the trait of not taking themselves too serious a strength. I think that play and humor is what makes Black Birds of Paradise possible. They’re out to have fun making music. And with quite the work ethic I’d like to add. As you’ll hear next week, they’re already hard at work on their next collection of songs. I’m sure when it’s out, you’ll catch it…these guys are everywhere when they’re not recording.

Really though,  I should let the interview next week speak for itself, as well as the members of Black Birds of Paradise. Till then.

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