May 7th, 2014


Art is a lot about reimagining. Using different images and symbols in new ways, to convey new meanings; collaging what we know and expanding upon it. I think this is definitely more evident than ever with the increasingly frequent use of sampling…whether it be audio, video, or other mediums. We’ve come to the point now where many artists solely rely on this…sometimes to poke fun at tradition or to reminisce about the past.

These kinds of ideas rolled about while I conversed with today’s guest. To continue entertaining you while we count down to the anniversary party, I bring you prolific recording artist Alex Koenig. Alex records under the name Nmesh, and our discussion mainly focuses on his two latest releases, ‘Dream Sequins’ and ‘Nu Wav. Hallucinations’. These albums are heavily layered audio collages of media from the 80’s and 90’s…everything from pop music, advertisements, news clips, and video game sound effects. For Alex, it’s equal parts nostalgia and irony.

I caught wind of Alex’s work while I was perusing the album reviews on the site Tiny Mix Tapes. The cover of Dream Sequins caught my eye and as I streamed the audio, it caught my ear. I noticed an audio clip from one of our local news stations, and so here we are.

You can find his vast body of work here.

Enjoy our discussion below.