August 7th 2013

It’s Wednesday again!

My interview today was with Brandon Thompson; Louisville musicians who has floated amongst many collaborative and solo projects. Most notably are Ayin, Decapitron, and the Wounded.

You can hear more of Ayin’s music at All music is available for free download.

You can hear more of Decapitron here, on Brandon’s Soundcloud.

Click the player below for today’s chat. Also, don’t forget, the podcast is now available in iTunes.


Coming up this week…

This week’s guest is Brandon Thompson. Brandon’s a longtime Louisville musician who’s participated in various  bands while also recording a bushel of solo material. You may know him from Ayin, The Wounded, and Decapitron…

Our pleasant chat will be available Wednesday…make sure to give it a listen!


Time keeps on slipping…


There’s only so much you can cram into a thirty minute program. It’s sad, but sometimes certain things just get edited out due to time limitations…there’s so many great moments lost to the fray…such as this little teaser clip of things to come. To get you through the weekend.