Good day, listeners.

Next week’s interview will be with Joshua Huettig.

Josh is a self taught artist who values content and concept over technical skill. He started painting in 2007 as an emotional outlet using what materials he had available to him, which mostly consisting of driftwood and house paint. His work is highly narrative with positive messages of freedom, liberation, the value of nature, and how man is still connected to it as we are one of many creatures.

Josh also believes in more communal concepts to art and creating, surrounding himself with artistic individual to help inspire him as well as share the joy of making. He has shown in many folk art shows and galleries such as the Craft Gallery, Mellwood Arts Center, and the Mammoth. He hopes to do more events in the near future similar to ‘Buy or Burn‘, where pieces were put on the preverbal ‘chopping block’ and burned if unpurchased.

Learn more about Josh before I air our discussion next week here. Be sure to listen in on the 29th.

Above is a short video documentary about Joshua by Jennifer Noll.