January 29th, 2014

Untitled piece by Joshua Huettig.

Untitled piece by Joshua Huettig.

Guess what listeners!? You get to hear my voice again (finally!). It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Last week I gave you a little insight into today’s guest, Joshua Huettig, and what him and his work is all about. Now, hear it for yourself!

Just as a small refresher, Joshua is a self taught artist who values content and concept over technique. He started painting in 2007 as an emotional outlet using what recycled materials were available to him. His work is full of stories about freedom and nature.

Again, you can find out more about Josh’s body of work here.

The player is below. The interview is also available via podcast…(free in the iTunes store!)

Cheers. Till next time.

August 21st, 2013

Hey there listeners

The summer seems to be speeding by us. And so many great art related events going on around town. Many of which have been sponsored by the Louisville Artists Syndicate.

For this week’s episode, I spoke with Stacey Reason of the Syndicate; she offered up the story, mission, and future plans of the group. Their main aims as a collective are to give young artists the chance they need to get their preverbal foot in the door & to erase the barriers between artists and the rest of the community.

To learn more about the Louisville Artists Syndicate, take a ‘stroll’ over to:


or visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/LouisvilleSyndicate

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