Rachel French : September 24th 2014



I’m sure this is a buzzword you hear on a daily basis. I can understand if some of you are honestly sick of the word, but considering the present economic climate, sustaining oneself proves an increasingly important topic. In this pursuit of preservation, some times you have to get creative. And some times, you create out of necessity.

These kind of ideas make up Rachel French’s creative manifesto. Rachel is the owner/designer of Venomiss LLC as well as co-founder of Geisthaus. She comes from a very hands-on upbringing, her family making many of life’s necessities themselves.

Venomiss is the moniker Rachel makes under for her unique and custom couture. She does everything from daily wear to specialty costumes; even, at one time, muppets! Rachel also provides sewing lessons within the Metro Louisville area for a wide age range of students. Besides that, Venomiss LLC brings to you safe vegan friendly toiletries and cosmetics.

Now on to Geisthaus. Geisthaus is really a natural progression if you consider Rachel’s one woman fashion empire mixed with her very practical take on creation with the end goal of sustaining herself. Geisthaus, as you’ll hear, is a studio collective and garden. The ‘Spirit House’ partnership consists of Rachel and her sister Sarah French-Wilde. Their mission is to provide comfortable, beautiful work-spaces for local artisans and gardeners. In addition to studio space, there will also be a greenhouse, and other areas for planting. Geisthaus is located in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood.

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Saving Our Style

This week’s episode of Blind Date features two members of the Louisville collective, Saving Our Style. They tackle everything from music and art, to community outreach and fashion…Listen as I talk with Sylvanus Hudson and Craig Duncan, due to be posted here on the blog Wednesday.

For those who haven’t heard, Blind Date is temporarily blog only due to the ArtxFM’s Board decision on prerecorded programs, and my own personal work schedule which hinders me from coming into the studio.

Don’t worry, I’m looking into other methods of broadcasting. Seriously.

Above is the new music video of the D. Fresh and Jalin Roze’s collaborate track titled Foamposites. Jalin Roze is one of the many members of SOS.