DH McNabb : March 11th, 2015

Photo provided by artist

Photo provided by artist


Think about your day.

How many times did you encounter glass, be it window, mirror, or screen?  I’m sure it’s more times than you can count; glass is everywhere, it surrounds us. And I think this has most of us take it for granted. If you stop to think about it, glass can be quite ‘magical’ visually. It serves many purposes. And it can be many things; transparent or reflective, fragile or protective.

DH McNabb has spent much time pondering this medium, unlike most.

DH came to Kentucky in 99, starting undergrad at Centre college with ideas of becoming a Vet or Naturalist. He soon shifted his interest to glass blowing as he realized that it could provide him with what he was looking for in these vocations—travel. Glass is ubiquitous, and glass blowing almost as much. As someone with a taste for exploration and beliefs in the community of art, DH fit in perfectly with glass making.

DH creates glass works that range from the functional to the conceptual; much of it is an overlapping of the two extremes. And for him it’s the same, because the creative, intellectual moment happened. Conceptually, DH is interested in the ephemeral nature of things, the loss of a ‘moment’. He explores such concepts with his project Poof! and further for his exhibition Monuments: Moments. As he mentions, monuments were these things, these ideas, that were meant to last but are just as temporal as the moment of passing from one room to the next.

DH is currently working at the Flame Run glass studio and gallery.

You can see his work at dhmcnabb.com.

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