IamIs : August 3rd, 2016


Hello listeners.

Recently I finished a book from the ‘Arcana‘ series. The specific volume I read was ‘Arcana V—music, magic, and mysticism.’ The book is full of essays on different creative processes based in some sort of magical method, philosophy, or belief system. And the results of these processes can manifest themselves in many different ways.

I’m not sure how much philosophy comes into play with the music of Shawna Dellecave & Jason Cox, but the name of their project is steeped in it. Their music project is called IamIs, which is a one word representation for all that is. And they tend to refer to their output as ‘Existential Pop Rock’.

Shawna and Jason are my guests today, and we discuss IamIs’s newest release ‘Go Supernovae!’ which was funded through a grant from the Kentucky Foundation of Women. IamIs has been intensely active since 2004 resulting in quite the prolific discography. They cover lots of ground musically, and especially lyrically with imagery based verses.

A thing that strikes me about Jason and Shawna is their community involvement. The discography I mentioned above is full of collaborations. And recently, they were featured on the ‘We Have A Bevin Problem—a Kentucky Music Compilation‘, which is a piece of social activism through music in response to the actions of Kentucky’s governor (the proceeds went to Planned Parenthood of KY & IN). Shawna is also a certified art therapist, and she recently has been working with other artists on a project with the Council On Developmental Disabilities.

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December 4th, 2013


Hey there listeners!

This week I showcase Mark Kramer in the spotlight. Mark is probably best known for his music project Tender Mercy. I feel like what sets Tender Mercy apart is the starkness and ambience of its sound. Mark creates a solid mood of solitude and reflection with his minimal approach; classic guitar, some effects, and a handful of words.

You can form your own opinion (or blog worthy description) based on what you find at the Tender Mercy Facebook page. Or cut out a bit of the ‘middle man’ and try the Tender Mercy Bandcamp. You can also catch some of Mark’s stylings on two compilation albums he took part in. He also is anticipating the release of his newest EP, As Someone Else You Embrace The Moment In Us.

Find out more by using the links below! Enjoy!