Greetings Blind Daters.

Have I mentioned that you all are invited to the Blind Date Anniversary Party on Friday? This invite is open to one and all. Even if you can only stay five minutes, one act, or the whole time; it doesn’t matter. I’m sure all the artists would love the support, as would I. It’s always nice to see friendly faces. Again, for those who have forgotten, the show starts at 7PM and it is being held at the Rudyard Kipling. There is a suggested donation of $ 5 -10, but no one will be turned away if they can’t swing it. This is an opportunity to have fun and see some art. Also, if you like any of the artists, make sure to hit up the merch table. I may even put out some of my limited edition tapes from my music project. You’ll just have to wait and see…

Also, check out LVAA’s radio show on ArtxFM this Friday at 1 PM. I’ll be guest hosting with Sarah on PUBLIC, and Chervon will be the featured artist. We’ll be chatting about her work, Blind Date, and promoting the celebration with some awesome jams.

Besides getting all prepped for Friday’s show, I’ve been binge reading like crazy. First off, I just received my copy of essays by Carey Mercer, ‘Clouds Of Evil’. For those of you who don’t know Mercer is the primary force behind music projects Frog Eyes and Blackout Beach as well as a part of the ‘supergroup’ Swan Lake.

The usually hilarious pieces in the book were put together for his son, and tend to lean toward autobiography told in Mercer’s colorful vocabulary. Finished it the first day I got it.

Speaking of hilarious wit, I’ve almost finished John Waters’ book ‘Role Models’. I got it to prep myself for his new book ‘Carsick’. I’ve been waiting for ‘Carsick’ awhile, but I realized I’ve never got around to reading ‘Role Models’, so I bolted to the library to hold me over. To totally understate the book, it’s basically John paying tribute to the many different influences throughout his life. I’ve learned about obscure musicians and literature, a bit of history of Baltimore’s bar scene, fashion trends, Waters’ zealous appreciation for art, and much more. A humorous look into what made John Waters the cult film success he is.

And just this morning over some cold brewed coffee (stuff is POTENT!) I was reviewing the mass amounts of poetry Tristan Palmer submitted for his reading at the Anniversary party. I must say since his collection ‘I Can’t Stand To Be Sober In This Place‘, he has made great bounds. He seems to be writing with a much more confident strength and flow. I look forward to see what he chooses for Friday.

I hope to see you on the 20th, as well. We can find out together.

PS Click the first link above to remind yourself of who and what you get to see.

May 7th, 2014


Art is a lot about reimagining. Using different images and symbols in new ways, to convey new meanings; collaging what we know and expanding upon it. I think this is definitely more evident than ever with the increasingly frequent use of sampling…whether it be audio, video, or other mediums. We’ve come to the point now where many artists solely rely on this…sometimes to poke fun at tradition or to reminisce about the past.

These kinds of ideas rolled about while I conversed with today’s guest. To continue entertaining you while we count down to the anniversary party, I bring you prolific recording artist Alex Koenig. Alex records under the name Nmesh, and our discussion mainly focuses on his two latest releases, ‘Dream Sequins’ and ‘Nu Wav. Hallucinations’. These albums are heavily layered audio collages of media from the 80’s and 90’s…everything from pop music, advertisements, news clips, and video game sound effects. For Alex, it’s equal parts nostalgia and irony.

I caught wind of Alex’s work while I was perusing the album reviews on the site Tiny Mix Tapes. The cover of Dream Sequins caught my eye and as I streamed the audio, it caught my ear. I noticed an audio clip from one of our local news stations, and so here we are.

You can find his vast body of work here.

Enjoy our discussion below.