July 23rd, 2014

It’s the fourth Wednesday of the month listeners! You know what that means….yet another discussion with some creative person or another.

It’s Jim Jim’s July!

Today you’ll hear a conversation I had with Jim Marlowe, hanging out in his shop Astro Black Records. With Blind Date, I try to be as unbiased as possible, but I have to admit Jim is definitely one of my favorite record slingers. Besides operating a shop with a very special niche, he’s also a generally nice and extremely helpful person. I feel like most times I stop by, I have nothing but questions for him (it seems so appropriate to interview him!). He gave me some pretty vital advice on releasing my own cassette…

Jim also records bands on a budget, host a variety of shows, and creates his own music. He is most notably know for his work in his band Tropical Trash, though he’s also been seen with either his big ole’ saxophone or guitar with other groups such as SapatJuanita, and Venus Trap. 

Check out the interview below or wait for your podcast subscription to update, and hear me bring up some of Jim’s musical history with a copy of one of his first releases…among other things.