Select/Collect : September 3rd 2014


Salut, listeners!

I’ve got something different this time. Today’s episode will feature interviews with all the parties involved in Select/Collect. Select/Collect is an exhibition coming to the Huff Gallery at Spalding University Friday evening. The exhibit is made up of the print collection of Rudy Salgado & Susanna Crum’s printshop, Calliope Arts. First you’ll hear a few words from the curator Stacey Reason (some of you may remember when I interviewed her about the Louisville Artists Syndicate, last year.) After that, I talk to the proprietors of Calliope Arts.

Stacey has sorted through over 1000 prints in the collection to put together this show which really covers a lot of ground in terms of the techniques and styles of printmaking. In our short discussion, I ask her why she was draw to the collection and the specific pieces she chose.

In the second half of the episode, I speak to both Rudy and Susanna. They both received MFAs in Printmaking at the University of Iowa, but their art goes far beyond that of the print studio. They are also into sculpture, contraptions, and video work. Though they explore different themes, Rudy and Susanna share an affinity for the community aspects of the printmaker’s world. All this and more is covered in their portion.

I’d like to just throw out a special thank you to all these wonderful folks. It’s been awesome working on this project, and I’m glad I could be a part of it. Check out these links below to learn more about them all:

The exhibition will have a public opening reception at the Huff Gallery on Friday, September 5, 6-8 p.m. You have till October 24 to check it out. This Blind Date episode will also be available for listen at the gallery….so if you don’t listen to it now, or through iTunes, that’s just another reason to check out this awesome exhibit.

Goodbye July….

Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis

Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis

It’s been a interesting summer so far, blog goers. I’ve been all over the place with my hand in many different pies. So much is happening, so many changes…so, so much…

Considering this fact and my desire to keep the quality of Blind Date on the up and up, I’ve decided to cut posts down to when I have something extra special for you. Thing such as big announcements, events, and (of course) interviews! I think this way I can allot time to other projects and keep my sanity, but at the same time keep things interesting for you! I also promise more Instagrams…I swear! I know I’ve been neglecting you on that end….

Speaking of the projects I have in the works, at the end of August I’ll be uploading my interview with Camera Lucida. They’re an awesome aural/visual experience based duo.

I’ve also been working with Stacey Reason from the Louisville Artists Syndicate. I’m putting together an exclusive exhibition only interview with Rudy Salgado and Susanna Crum, available for listen at the show! We discuss the art of printmaking, their up & coming print shop, as well as their print collection which is the subject of the exhibition. I’ll keep you in the loop as I get more details…

Along with that, I’ve been trying to get together with my friend Lindsay Smith, to discuss a really awesome project she is doing along with her medical studies. I’m super excited about this as well…

One last thing, I’m participating in this year’s Open Studio Weekend with a small collective of friends. We’re putting together a small sound installation and working on a large collaborative piece inspired by Mandalas.

Sometime after this I’d also like to try to have an art yard sale.

We’ll see which way the wind blows…