Sorry for the late notice everyone but things have been a little hectic. Technical difficulties, RAM, Memory, what have you and generally getting things in order. The incidents involving tomorrow’s episode has prompted me to start slowing treating myself to some equipment upgrades. Always improving!

Tomorrow’s episode will feature the ever versatile Lindsay Sant. She is an artist of multiple disciplines, an ArtxFM Louisville co-host of the show Alien Jingles, and Special Events Manager for Salvation Army (hopefully I got that title right..sorry Lindsay).

If the opening sounds rushed, it’s because it is slightly. Due to those difficulties mentioned above, there had to be some major cuts to the interview. Time was limited, I’m disappointed to report…a glitch in the software.

Below is a song that had to be cut short…a special treat for Lindsay, in the same vein as the stuff you can hear on Alien Jingles.

August 14th, 2013


On today’s episode, I talk with the force behind Weird Beard Studios, a creative partnership sometimes known as Weirdo Beardos. Tristan Palmer and Jason O. Mudd make up a two man team of comic book illustrators. Some of their projects include Weirdo Beardos, No One, and Iron Age among other various non comic book related projects.

You can learn more about their work at:

July 31st 2013

Sylvanus Hudson, Craig Duncan, and myself chatting. Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis,

Sylvanus Hudson, Craig Duncan, and myself chatting. Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis

Today’s interview, as you may have heard, was with Sylvanus Hudson and Craig Duncan. Both of them are a part of a collective known as Saving Our Style; a group founded on the idea of preserving one’s integrity and uniqueness…and sneaker collecting.

Each member brings something interesting to the table and are constantly collaborating with one another, as well as outside contributors. SOS is heavily involved in the community through art and outreach programs.

To learn more, visit

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