July 31st 2013

Sylvanus Hudson, Craig Duncan, and myself chatting. Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis,

Sylvanus Hudson, Craig Duncan, and myself chatting. Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis

Today’s interview, as you may have heard, was with Sylvanus Hudson and Craig Duncan. Both of them are a part of a collective known as Saving Our Style; a group founded on the idea of preserving one’s integrity and uniqueness…and sneaker collecting.

Each member brings something interesting to the table and are constantly collaborating with one another, as well as outside contributors. SOS is heavily involved in the community through art and outreach programs.

To learn more, visit Savingourstyle.com

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Saving Our Style

This week’s episode of Blind Date features two members of the Louisville collective, Saving Our Style. They tackle everything from music and art, to community outreach and fashion…Listen as I talk with Sylvanus Hudson and Craig Duncan, due to be posted here on the blog Wednesday.

For those who haven’t heard, Blind Date is temporarily blog only due to the ArtxFM’s Board decision on prerecorded programs, and my own personal work schedule which hinders me from coming into the studio.

Don’t worry, I’m looking into other methods of broadcasting. Seriously.

Above is the new music video of the D. Fresh and Jalin Roze’s collaborate track titled Foamposites. Jalin Roze is one of the many members of SOS.