Claire Krueger : April 6th, 2016

Hey listeners!

Sarah and I are on ‘Spring Break’ this week, and I’m posting from Joshua Tree, California. It is so beautiful and serene out here…

Anyway, my guest today is Claire Krueger. We chatted about film, perfectionism, and our issues with patience & commitment…(I’m somewhat kidding about my patience.)

Though Claire dabbles in many forms of art, film is the main emphasis of her creative output. Many of her films are mixed media, or maybe a better way to say it is mixed techniques—such as diorama sets, green screening, and animation. Visually, there is usually vibrant colors and dreamlike imagery (see her film ‘The Passenger’ above.)

As you may gather from the interview, there is a wit and humor to Claire. This definitely shows in her work, in subtle ways. It’s something I really appreciate about her art. Along with this well executed wit, I think there is a certain amount of mystery and vagueness to her work that leaves the audience with questions. I feel this works in her favor, bringing the viewer back again and again.


Image from Claire’s installation ‘Locus’. Image via Claire’s website.

Give our discussion a listen, to understand more about Claire and her work. You can also visit her website, as well as her vimeo.

As always, find the podcast below. Enjoy.

June 25th, 2014

You know what listeners, talking with Sarah, I see now in retrospect that the ‘intimacy’ of the evening helped in achieving what I original wanted for the event. All the artists and members of the audience interacted on a personal level; making connections, giving and receiving positive feedback, resulting in an air of camaraderie.  And really, more than art, Blind Date is about people. And getting them to band together. So, I want to thank you all; the hardcore fans, the artists, and those who ever now and again check in. 

To kick off this second chapter in the book of Blind Date is Alexander Rickel ( if you happened to be at the anniversary party, you got to experience a bit of what makes this artistic individual so special.)

At times, it’s hard to draw the line between Alex Rickel and the persona of WG Rickel. The concept of CEU, the sculptures, and the illustrations just add to the mythos surrounding this alter ego. Alex’s work is a fully immersive experience, even if it’s only for himself. I get more drawn into it with the more I learn. He is currently working with his brother to express the origin story in a graphic novel.

His main forte is sculpture. They tend to look like Sci-fi found art, the pieces from a technology of a fictional past. The sculptures’ lack functionality but serve a much greater symbolic purpose. Themes hit on subjects like human connections, communication, and just the curiosity of how things work (this is a horrible understatement, I’m sure.) Regardless of the concept involved, the one constant in his work is the aims to invoke thought in the audience. Get the gears in your head moving.

To hear him explain it more fully, click the player below or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

You can learn more by also going to

February 26th 2014

Hey Blind Date listeners! Rejoice, for it is the last Wednesday of the month which means another interview.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know today’s guest is local filmmaker Max Moore. Above is a video he did for the band O’Brother, for their song ‘Transience’.

Max has an ever growing body of work; a great deal of which is music videos for many international known musicians and groups.  Speaking of things international, he has also shown narrative work in film festivals all over.

You can learn more at his website, To get further insight into Max, listen to our discussion…there’s a handy player below or you could always subscribe to the podcast (subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!) Below the player is his short ‘Eight’. Enjoy!

Monday is only a couple of days away

Monday slowly approaches, listeners. And with it comes the Blind Date sponsored event Glances: an evening of short films and performances. I thought it might be nice to give you a couple of teasers before the show, to get you excited and all that.

Here’s a video clip of Lady Pyramid performing ‘Oranges’

And here is the trailer for the Astral Projects production ‘Never Forever’, featuring Prince Rama.

If this doesn’t incite you, I’m not sure what will. Learn more here.

Just one more piece of FYI worthy material, next Wednesday’s episode will feature an interview I did with local musician Clint Ackerman. A man after my own heart, due mostly to his love of Bowie…haha, I kid, there’s more to it than that. Make sure to keep your ears peeled or subscribe to the podcast, so you never miss a beat.